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Tips of shopping the BEST PATIO LIGHTS

Apart from the living room, the patio is where a lot of social gatherings happen in the area around your house. It’s where you and your family mingle with each other. When the sun goes down, candles can offer mood lighting to an outdoor space but don’t truly illuminate it. The right patio lights, on the other hand, can brighten an area as well as add a decorative touch. Indeed, there are countless options for your outdoor lighting needs. Do you [...]

How to Choose The Best Patio String Lights

String lights are perfect for lighting pathways, patios, gardens, gates, and other outdoor and indoor spaces. Apart from being more affordable than standard lights, string lights are also fairly durable. That means you can expect to have them in use for the longest time after installation. Given the many outdoor string lights out there, it takes a keen eye to know the perfect one to choose from. When buying one of these products, you have to be well acquainted with [...]

Firefly style solar Christmas flickering LED string lights can use for garden decor.

The World’s Top 100 B2B Platforms-Patio LED String Lights Supply

1. https://www.alibaba.com Global import and export trade2. Zhongxin Lighting.com Global free B2B trading platform3. https://www.made-in-china.com China Product Trade Directory, Import and Export Trade4. https://www.globalsources.com Global B2B trading platform5. https://www.ec21.com Global procurement trading platform, headquartered in South Korea6. https://www.ecplaza.net Global B2B trading platform7. https://www.diytrade.com Global B2B trading platform, formerly known as eBigChina 8. https://www.busytrade.com Global B2B trading platform 9. https://www.buyerzone.com Suitable for B2B trade of small and medium enterprises 10. https://www.commerce.com.tw/ Mainly provide manufacturing, products, machinery, traders, company directories, etc. 11. https://www.eceurope.com European B2B platform 12. https://www.ecvv.com Directory of Chinese manufacturers, global trade 13. https://www.foreigntrademe.com Free global B2B platform 14. https://www.Taiwantrade.com.tw Taiwan Import and Export Trade 15. https://www.IndiaMart.com India B2B [...]

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Novelty Zombie Garden Lights are so Perfect for Halloween Decor

If you like horror movies, you’ve probably seen at least one zombie movie or TV series. Such as the popular TV series the Walking Dead. If you are one of those who are obsessed with zombies, we have some very useful information for you. Haha, zombie garden lights, it becomes even weirder and cooler when we tell you that the product is powered by solar light. We watch some zombie movies or other TV shows, knowing that zombies are afraid [...]

Outdoor Patio String Lights

Amazon Top 10 Patio String Lights for Sales

1.ALOVECO Battery Operated String Lights       This fairy string lights built-in timer and it will be turned on for 6 hours and off 18 hours automatically cycle. This led string lights battery powered by 3 AA batteries(not include) so you can string lights virtually anywhere.  These string lights suitable for Indoor & Outdoor, Christmas, Party, Valentine’s Day, Wedding, Home, Window, Bathroom, Festival, Holiday, etc. 2.25Ft G40 Outdoor Patio String Lights        Decorative string lights can not only be used as lighting, but [...]

British media: Chinese-made LED Christmas tree lights are cheap

According to the British Financial Times website, an article was written by columnist John Gap on the 23rd entitled “The Inspiration of Christmas Tree Lanterns” said that globalization and technological innovation have been criticized this year, but just like China As the LED lights show, they bring tangible benefits. On the 25th, my family and I will open our Christmas presents under a shiny Nordman fir. This tree was delivered to the door of our London residence last week. There are many decorations and [...]

What is the difference between human factors lighting, intelligent lighting and health lighting?

In recent years, people ’s lighting is very hot. This is because, with the improvement of people ’s requirements for light quality, the development of lighting in the future will tend to be human-oriented. Human-oriented lighting refers to the art of lighting that simulates natural daylight that enhances the function of the human body. It can improve human performance, comfort, health, and happiness. It transcends intelligence and health lighting, more precisely, it is a partial combination between the two. To [...]