Five families, five Christmases: A festive season like no other around Europe

It’s no surprise that this Christmas will be different. With coronavirus restrictions affecting everyone, plans have had to change and the usual traditions postponed or altered.But there can be comfort in knowing others are going through something similar.That’s why the BBC has spoken to five families in five different countries about how their festive celebrations have changed, and how they’re finding ways to enjoy the holiday season despite everything that’s happening.IMAGE COPYRIGHTCOURTESY OF BOSON FAMILYimage captionThe family moved north [...]


Nothing sets the mood like some good lighting. From candlelight to golden hour, flashlight to tiki torch, lighting confers a sense of place and time that elevates a basic hamburger to a hand-ground steak, charbroiled and served with aioli and brioche. You see what we did there? Light makes a big difference. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best outdoor lighting ideas. We hope you brought your dimmers.THE ARTICLE TEAM (CUTIES!) RELAX AFTER A LONG DAY ON SET [...]


In this modern ear, the demand for electricity is several times its consumption. Light-emitting diodes have brought innovative improvements to electrical products. They are both energy-efficient and efficient. On the other hand, these LED products not only reduce electrical energy, but also save your money. For this reason, most people nowadays use such LED lights in their surroundings. So far, because LED ceiling lights are mainly used for decoration and fashion and other electrical appliances that customers need. The [...]


The right amount of lighting is made your home bright in night times. Apart from that, it is also positivity to your residential. There are many lighting options are available for those who like to lighting their home. If you like to buy bulbs, the LED Bulbs are right choice for you. There are many reasons why folks need to select the world class LED bulbs. The bulbs are not only using for lighting purpose and also using for decorative [...]

Halloween: Is trick or treating cancelled for 2020?

With school cancelled for much of 2020 and children forced to spend time away from their friends, do they finally have something to look forward to? Sophie Gallagher looks at whether Halloween should go ahead  With just over two weeks until Halloween, Mumsnet is flooded with concerned parents asking one question: can it still go ahead in a pandemic? Politicians have found themselves presented with the same conundrum (Nicola Sturgeon said she wouldn’t rule out banning trick or treating closer to the event) and the Los Angeles County [...]

The 128th Canton Fair will continue to set up cross-border e-commerce zones

On the afternoon of the 17th, the Ministry of Commerce held a regular press conference. Gao Feng, a spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce, said that at present, the investment promotion and Exhibition recruitment work of the 128th Canton Fair is steadily advancing. There were questions from reporters at the meeting: The 128th Canton Fair will be held online next month, how about the participation of exhibitors and purchasers? Combined with the experience of the previous session, what are the new [...]

Why Your Solar Lights Come on During the Day?

Do you see your solar lights come on in the daytime? Once you notice this happens, the first thing you did should be searching the Internet for possible solutions, and you may seen many other people having the same issue. Now, you might be asking “why do my solar lights come on during the day.” To make things simpler for you, I rounded up the possible reasons and solutions for this question. The solar panel is dirty and faulty Light is likely not to reach the light sensor [...]

Tips of shopping the BEST PATIO LIGHTS

Apart from the living room, the patio is where a lot of social gatherings happen in the area around your house. It’s where you and your family mingle with each other. When the sun goes down, candles can offer mood lighting to an outdoor space but don’t truly illuminate it. The right patio lights, on the other hand, can brighten an area as well as add a decorative touch. Indeed, there are countless options for your outdoor lighting needs. Do you [...]

Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Alphabet defy coronavirus to post better results than expected

The four firms, accounting for nearly a fifth of the S&P 500’s market value, reported on the same day for the first time.Online marketplace Amazon defied forecasts to post a big profit Some of America’s biggest tech companies have defied the coronavirus pandemic to post better-than-expected financial results. Amazon posted the biggest profit in its 26-year history, while Facebook, Apple and Alphabet all beat estimates. Many brick-and-mortar retailers have struggled during the coronavirus pandemic, with most forced to shut down under rules intended to [...]

How to Choose The Best Patio String Lights

String lights are perfect for lighting pathways, patios, gardens, gates, and other outdoor and indoor spaces. Apart from being more affordable than standard lights, string lights are also fairly durable. That means you can expect to have them in use for the longest time after installation. Given the many outdoor string lights out there, it takes a keen eye to know the perfect one to choose from. When buying one of these products, you have to be well acquainted with [...]