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Tips of shopping the BEST PATIO LIGHTS

Apart from the living room, the patio is where a lot of social gatherings happen in the area around your house. It’s where you and your family mingle with each other. When the sun goes down, candles can offer mood lighting to an outdoor space but don’t truly illuminate it. The right patio lights, on the other hand, can brighten an area as well as add a decorative touch. Indeed, there are countless options for your outdoor lighting needs. Do you [...]

Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Alphabet defy coronavirus to post better results than expected

The four firms, accounting for nearly a fifth of the S&P 500’s market value, reported on the same day for the first time.Online marketplace Amazon defied forecasts to post a big profit Some of America’s biggest tech companies have defied the coronavirus pandemic to post better-than-expected financial results. Amazon posted the biggest profit in its 26-year history, while Facebook, Apple and Alphabet all beat estimates. Many brick-and-mortar retailers have struggled during the coronavirus pandemic, with most forced to shut down under rules intended to [...]