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The development direction of the world in the next ten years and the employment trends of the United States in the next ten years

One: Employment trends in the United States in the next ten years (McKinsey report)a. Generally speaking, the United States will continue to grow in employment in the next ten years. b. McKinsey predicts that employment will continue to grow in the fields of health care, STEM technology, creation and management, business and law, management, education and vocational training, customer service and sales, property management, agriculture, construction, and logistics in the next decade. c. Health and STEM-related job growth are higher than [...]

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Art Van was acquired by Loves Furniture,Bed Bath & Beyond gradually resumes business

The 27 stores of Art Van, a bankrupt furniture maker, were “sold” by $ 6.9 millionOn May 12, the newly established furniture retailer Loves Furniture announced that it had completed the acquisition of 27 furniture retail stores and their inventory, equipment, and other assets in the Midwest of the United States on May 4. According to the information in the court documents, the transaction value of this acquisition is only 6.9 million US dollars. Previously, these acquired stores have been operating [...]

A week of global retail information, Europe and the United States retail plans to restart stores

The British retailer canceled approximately 2.5 billion pounds of clothing orders from Bangladeshi suppliers, making the country’s clothing industry move towards a “major crisis.” As retailers struggled to deal with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, in recent weeks, companies including Arcadia, Frasers Group, Asda, Debenhams, New Look, and Peacocks have all canceled contracts. Some retailers (such as Primark) have promised to pay orders to support suppliers in a crisis.Last week, the value fashion giant’s parent company Associated British Foods (Associated [...]